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CMS and insurance providers require clinicians to document O&P outcome measures. O&P practices can become evidence based by supplying objective supportive documentation through the GaitKeeper® system. Learn how GaitKeeper® will help you stay ahead of the curve and provide quantitative patient reporting.

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Capture, Process and Report. Anatomical Engineering offers interested Prosthetists, Orthopedic and Physical Therapists to the ability to have your own gailab with GaitKeeper® technology. Interested practices can start building their system, reserve your install date and train their practitioners on producing outcome measure reports with the GaitKeeper® system

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Whoa! This GaitKeeper® system sounds great. Want to schedule a demo and see how your practice can benefit immediately.  Test drive the most affordable and easiest to use gait labs on the market. See GaitKeeper®’s automatically generated outcome measure reports for proof of variable cadence and activities of daily living. Be ready for a lot of visual eye candy!

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