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GaitKeeper® is the world’s easiest 3D markerless motion capture system that has motion intelligence™ to automatically generate patient outcome measure reports ready for reimbursement. 


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Outcome Measures Documentation

CMS and insurance providers require clinicians to document outcome measures. Clinical practices can become evidence based by supplying objective supportive documentation through the GaitKeeper® system. Learn how GaitKeeper® will help you stay ahead of the curve and provide quantitative patient reporting.

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Get Paid

Capture, Process, Report and Get Paid. Anatomical Engineering provides Prosthetists, Hospitals, Physical Therapists their own clinical gaitlab with GaitKeeper® technology. Our system will automatically generate outcome measure reports specifically for reimbursement and has billing codes for your time.

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Streamline Reimbursement

Whoa! This GaitKeeper® system sounds great. Want to schedule a demo and see how your practice can benefit immediately.  Test drive the most affordable and easiest to use gait labs on the market. See how GaitKeeper can increase your billing revenue. Eliminate risk, lower AR and provide superior documentation.

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Physical Therapy

Obtain actionable patient information that gives your patients and your practice an advantage. Wow your referral sources, supply insurance payers the most robust and thorough patient supportive documentation.

GaitKeeper enables PTs to be able to assess current and prospective patients inside of the clinic setting. GaitKeeper practitioners expand their patient population by assessing athletes, geriatrics, amputees, worker’s comp patients and become evidence-based movement specialists. Grow your practice with outcome measures.

Orthotics & Prosthetics

GaitKeeper® has created a turnkey technology that allows prosthetists and orthotists to get specific irrefutable performance testing for reimbursement, patient fitting, and gait analysis.

GaitKeeper® is a full motion analysis system that supplies full outcome measure visibility for all parties involved (4Ps) in the DME / O&P reimbursement transaction.

Insurance Payers

From assessing fall risks to comorbities using GaitKeeper’s motion intelligence to make evidence-based recommendations for their patients. Allied health professionals can show functionally, real outcome measures and streamline reimbursement +25%. 

GaitKeeper® supplies third party (non-vested) objective outcome measures as supportive documentation giving the 4Ps – Patient, Physician, Professional (specialist) Payer and irrefutable evidence on patient outcomes.

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