Be An Outcome

Join AE in creating outcome measure technology to quantify human movement. We have combined SaaS and HaaS to create motion intelligence for healthcare.

Ready to Help Change the Way Healthcare is Run?

From founders to interns our mission is the same. To create user-friendly technology that becomes fully integrated as part of the clinical practices daily workflow.

Our team makes practices evidence based and supply objective outcome measures to create total transparency within the medical transaction. 



Teams & Open Positions

No glass ceilings, just fostering talent.

Business – Operations 

Driving innovation and continuity, while bringing together a group of talented engineers, programmers, data scientist and researchers takes organization.

Gaitlab Installer

Can you navigate time zones and global airports with tools and expensive technology? We’re in demand and need of a detailed oriented installation specialist to lead the team with gaitlab installations.

Marketing Intern

Work closely with our Marketing Director, Marketing Agency and Research Partners to create educational content, integrated campaigns, analytics, and software UI/UX.  

Expect to get hands on with system testing, content creation, hosting subject open houses, press relations with O&P, medtech, healthcare professions and peer-reviewed publications. 

Product Development

Up for the challenge of enhancing the easiest to use full body motion analysis system combining software, hardware and automated reporting. 

Back-End Developer

AE has a stacked team of software architects but always looking for new talent 

If you’re an established programmer and have interest in expanding our patient repository and automated reporting, let’s talk.

Software Engineer Intern

python, python and more python.

Taking on advanced algorithms and making automated reports for several physical performance measures.


Outcomes nerd? Obsessed with performance measures? Is your calling to make healthcare evidence based, then we are interested in working with you.


GaitKeeper® has created a solution for physical therapists and researchers to be more efficient, lower operating costs and have the ability to access raw data and create automated reporting.


GaitKeeper® is being used in part of the clinical setting and collecting the most outcome measures data O&P has seen thus far.

We’re looking at working with research teams on making GaitKeeper® the gold standard for the profession. 

Our Office

We’re a tech company that is scaling and a vast talent pool of engineers, strategists and well caffeinated individuals. Come join us in our incubator/think tank ecosystem to be part of something truly amazing.

Perks & Benefits

Might not be a tech unicorn, but we do have something special.

Competitive Pay

Certainly not a FANG stock but we do have killer intellectual property, pay our people and bills on time and invest in our team.

We're Diverse

We see things in levels of output, performance and collaboration. We share the same growth spurts and success together equally.

Dog and People Friendly

Might have a few furry friends visit the lab or research, patient subjects and marketing agency folks for testing or attending our open houses.

Annual Company Trip

Work hard, play hard. Our team comes from many different disciplines, talent sets and personal backgrounds. Our bond is our success.

Technology Forward

Team is outfitted with new server based systems with latest software and banter at software meetings is always included.

Equity Sharing Program

Are you talented, driven and going to be a long-term contributor? Be part of our success. Value-based incentives available. 

Ready to make a difference?