Markerless and Scalable

We can record any movement, battery of tests you desire within the calibrated volume in which we can record. Our GaitKeeper® system is scalable to your facility and testing needs. GaitKeeper® enables more time, better results and for a fraction of the cost. Dust off your elaborate and complicated marker gait lab or get a GaitKeeper® system today!


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Sick of marker-based gait analysis systems?

We have all experienced the time consuming setups, unfriendly user workflow, expensive capital investments, physical space limitations that come with marker based systems (CODA, Motion Analysis, Vicon and Qualysis).

GaitKeeper® is the most user-friendly and cost effective gait lab on the market.

Do you have force plates?

We have in-shoe kinetic force sensors.

Has the system been validated?

Yes, GaitKeeper® had a 5-subject simultaneous test with a CODA marker system with accuracy within a .25 of inch differential at MossRehab.

Read our whitepaper here.

Get the ease of use of markerless, while maintaining accuracy of a marker based system at a fraction of the cost.

Output and Raw Data

Not interested in using our advanced algorithms to produce semi-real time reports? Our system can supply complete raw data and will supply you with video and foot data for all your quantitative needs.

What is the facility requirements for GaitKeeper®?

No additional staff of engineers, PhDs and specialists for testing implementation.

Our system does not require installing large force plates in the floor.

The installation is very minimal and our engineers at Anatomical Engineering will come to your facility and install/train within a few days.

Our clinical system requires 12×20 space to get patient to steady state walking for specific tests.

Does Anatomical Engineering Partner With Researchers on Grants?

GaitKeeper® might be the novel technology for outcome and performance measures but our principals are very experienced with decades of experience in medical devices R&D, biomechanics, amputees, gait analysis, PT/Rehab/OT and have participated in SBIR/NIH, DARPA and several other agency projects.

Contact us with specific interests

User-Centric Design, Throughput Driven

We’re not another wearable-accelerometer based technology that gives you inconsistent data. We are biomechanical engineers, software programmers, outcome measure nerds. We created the system with you in mind. No more markers, rendering time and force plates. More efficient and affordable than Qualysis, G-Walk, Vicon and Motion Analysis. 

Automated Reporting or Raw Research Data


Ability to record your own test protocols, record any test within calibrated volume.

Access automatically generated tests off our  developed menu or create C3D files.

Ability to record on stairs, ramps, sit-to-stand, y-test and many more.

Why Us

All researchers want validation, accuracy and a system that has a friendly user workflow. GaitKeeper® checks all the boxes. Here is a few other reasons why researchers and academics love us.

Software Development

GaitKeeper® offers an automated clinical system and a research edition that gives you C3D files. Our team has created a very user-friendly interface and user experience but ability to access data for your specific needs.

Vertically Integrated

Our dev team is always thinking about how to reduce manhours, increase throughput and allowing flexibility with raw research data.

HIPPA Compliant

GaitKeeper® has worked closely with medical practices, rehabilitation hospitals and institutions offering best practices and being HIPPA compliant.

Backend & Development

We are always creating new automated performance tests and working with researchers on performance batteries while building our growing patient/subject population. 

User Centric Experiences

GaitKeeper® allows your research team to have unconstrained recording ability to increase your throughput  and have 15-subjects in/out of GaitKeeper® system before lunch.

WorldClass Support

You will not be talking with a sales person who has not stepped into a gaitlab. Our support is unparralel. 

Already Know the Details of Your Project?

Let’s talk about your specific needs and discuss how GaitKeeper® can enable your future research projects.