AI, machine learning, data… all buzz terms in tech and now the healthcare industry. The O&P profession is conservative in adopting new technology and with the cashflow problems, high accounts receivable and strict reimbursement claims the paradigm shift to perform outcome measures and supply objective patient reporting will become futile.

Your solution is called GaitKeeper®:

GaitKeeper® is a complete full-service technology designed specifically for O&P. Our initial goal was to provide each prosthetist with a their own gaitlab and after a few years and after a successful Beta we have the attention of insurance payers.

Our system comprises of the best video game production technology that you would see in a Hollywood studio with custom designed algorithms to gather patient performance data and automatically generate full MotionIntelligence™ for prosthetists, researchers, physical therapists, and occupational therapists to have complete outcome measures. Our system incorporates both 3D video analysis, insole pressure mapping and automated reporting for billing/reimbursement.

“GaitKeeper® is the gold standard for O&P outcome measures. The entire industry needs to adopt this technology and become objective to make a change.” – Andreas Kannenberg, Medical Director of Ottobock

You all have been to AOPA and the Academy tradeshows and seen the latest microprocessor knees, oestointegration and several 3D printing options. It’s easy to write off outcome measures and stay the familiar road ahead. We get it, you are slammed and automating sockets production and centralized fabrication solutions seem like a no brainer… but what if you could hold off on that Carver system and buy three GaitKeeper® systems and become truly evidence based. Our early adopters have seen the ROI for both documentation, audit protection and now a sales referral enhancer.

We have proven the ROI for outcome measures.

Imagine your entire practice growing next year because your referral sources see your ability to supply irrefutable performance documentation, you’ve decreased your risk for audits, and your supplying better patient care. 

Would 5-10% increase in your practices overall billings allow you to scale?

Again, its easy to see manhours decreasing and an increase in efficiency but what is the point if your not going to get reimbursed or spend tons of manhours fighting rejected claims, spending money on legal or accounting.

The future is now and you can be completely evidence based and be a center of excellence supplying MotionIntelligence™.


Did we strike a chord with you? Motivate you? Piss you off? Good we want to hear from you and show you how a few practices have transformed their practice through GaitKeeper® – Let’s talk, click here.