[ Overview of GaitKeeper® suite of products ]

Full motion analysis gaitlab (Highly accurate and is much easier and affordable alternative to a marker based systems)

  • Record any motion within your calibrated volume
  • Have video cameras record and produce irrefutable proof of patient activity
  • Have generated PDF reports for insurance payer reimbursement from a third party that does not have a vested interest
  • Compare your patient against a large patient population, prior testing, and reports
  • Our system is the easiest gaitlab to operate and the most affordable

Markerless motion capture video software (Kinematics)

  • Patient needs can move in unconstrained environment
  • No need for maticulous placement of markers or lycra suits
  • No unbalanced accelerometers to test each time
  • You can operate our system, no need to have Engineers or PhD’s to facilitate.
  • Patient can wear normal attire (shirt, pants and shoes must be opposing colors).

Wireless foot pressure mapping sensors (Kinetics)

  • No need for heavy force plates or any walking pads
  • No construction or change to facility needed

Automated Outcome Measure Reports (Yes, our system can automatically generated as PDF reports for your reimbursement for proof of ADL’s, Dear Physician Letter and other DME MAC prerequisites)

  • L-Test
  • Level Ground Walking (6m Walking Test)
  • TUG – “Timed up and go” (Automated Reporting – Now Available)

Performance Test(s): Automated Reporting Currently In Development

  • 4-Square Step Test (2020 Release)
  • Figure 8 Walking (2021 Release)
  • Y-Test – Back to sport (2021 Release)

Actual system equipment you will receive:

  1. Server based computer, screen, keyboard, mouse, system wifi hub and video USB cables
  2. Propreitary GaitKeeper® motion analysis software (pre-loaded)
  3. Access to GaitKeeper® Score population (largest de-identified growing patient population)
  4. (8) – Wall mounted or in-wall cameras with protected housing
  5. (3) – Sets of insole foot sensors and two ankle transmitters
  6. (1) – GaitKeeper® Care Package – (Shipped every six months)
  • Foot Sensors
  • Shirts
  • Patient measurement intake tools
  • Covid19 Cleaning Materials

Are you an interested Certified Prosthetists, Researcher or PT / Rehab Specialists that wants to receive a demo and updates on the GaitKeeper® technology? Schedule a demo here

Interested practices looking to implement a GaitKeeper® system are able to reserve their custom built system and schedule their installation date. You’ll receive outcome measure, reimbursement news and updates concerning the fields of orthotics/prosthetics, PT / Rehab and DME – Durable Medical Equipment.