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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer financing?

Yes, we have financing for our systems with several options tailored for your practices needs. 

Is the hardware part of the price?

Yes, we build each GaitKeeper® system custom for each facility and includes all 3D video cameras, housing, server based computer (current software pre-loaded) and foot force sensors. The software and support is an annual subscription, allowing you to get the latest updates and access to our upcoming performance tests. 

Do you install and train our staff?

Yes, we have professional installation specialists that are biomechanists, clinical outcome measures specialists to install the GaitKeeper in your facility and train your staff. Installation and training is to be scheduled and paid separately. 

Do I need Internet?

Yes, you need minimum 25/25mbps and we can review your current IT and make suggestions. 

In addition, our system is HIPPA compliant and can direct you on the best practices and workflow in dealing with your current EHR/EMR software as our reports have been implemented into several systems in their supportive documentation.

Do you install systems internationally?

Yes, we have the ability to ship, install and train internationally. 

Why GaitKeeper over gait analysis and outcome tools?

GaitKeeper® is truly the easiest and most affordable gaitlab made for clinical workflow. Pricing, implementation and our secret sauce is our advanced algorithms that automate patient performance measures and turn them into supportive documentation for reimbursement. 

Is GaitKeeper® system patented?

Yes, GaitKeeper® is a patented gaitlab for documenting and improving the functional capability of a patient that is quickly and easily set up, portable, inexpensive, and that records full body kinematic (visual) and kinetic (load) data in 3D, and that does not constrain the patient.

Has GaitKeeper® performed a validation study?

Yes, GaitKeeper® had a 5-subject simultaneous test with a CODA marker system with accuracy within a .25 of inch differential at MossRehab.

GaitKeeper® has been compared to Vicon, Qualysis and Motion Analysis systems.

Can you quantify K-level?

Our ever growing patient population and proprietary GaitKeeper Score™ allows AE to identify and document K-level determination.

Is there billing codes for GaitKeeper?

Yes, GaitKeeper practitioners are currently billing for six billing codes and have been able to get reimbursed.