GaitKeeper® is O&P Outcome Measures 

We know we need irrefutable quantitative analysis for O&P and now it is here. – Michael Oros, CPO/President – Scheck & Siress

CMS-Medicare spells it out for P&O in the LCDs – Local Coverage Determination and Dear Physician Letter.

Need outcome measures for:

  • Proof of “Activities of Daily Living”
  • Proof of “Variable Cadence”

Several CPs – Certified Prosthetists have been struggling with these very vague requirements for sometime. GaitKeeper® has created a turnkey technology that allows prosthetists and orthotists to get specific irrefutable performance testing for reimbursement, patient fitting, and gait analysis.

GaitKeeper® is a full motion analysis system that supplies full outcome measure visibility for all parties involved (4Ps) in the DME / O&P reimbursement transaction.

It works!  Anyone who is not using a GaitKeeper® system in O&P by 2018 is a dinosaur. Our practice is now truly evidence based and supplying the most thorough documentation that our insurance providers have seen.  – Eric Feracco, CPO – Human Designs


Sample O&P Outcome Measures                                                                

Level Ground Walking Report                                          Video                                        Report

L-Test                                                                                    Video                                        Report

TUG – Timed Up and Go                                                    Video                                        Report

Figure 8 Walking Test                                                         Video                                        Report

Four Square Test                                                                 Video                                        Report

GaitKeeper® is the gold standard for outcome measures in O&P. The entire profession needs to implement this in their practices. – Andreas Kannenberg, Medical Director – Ottobock