Who are the 4Ps?

The biggest reason why O&P – (Orthotics and Prosthetics), loves using the GaitKeeper® system for their qualitative outcome measures. Anatomical Engineering has created third party technology that has removed all the risk from the DME- (Durable Medical Equipment) and DMEPOS transaction.  Thus, AE has NO vested interest in the DME-POS transaction. We have created a solution that works for the 4-Ps (Patient, Physician, Prosthetist, and Payer). Each of these parties want something completely different out of the transaction that is providing orthotic and prosthetic componentry. GaitKeeper® is the objective device which supplies documentation that validates each patients ability to ambulate and traverse environmental barriers.

Patient:  Now healthcare can have data objectively helps their physician/prosthetist create the best solution for aligning their orthosis/prosthesis.  Patients now will be at ease knowing they will be provided the best care and not be downgraded to lower K-Level componentry because of their Prosthetist is afraid of not being reimbursed for a certain level of prosthesis.

Physician: Can be confident they are working with top O&P practices due to them being truly evidence based with both video and automated reporting capabilities.  The doctor can attest and visually see proof of patient performance, and easily see documentation of patient varying their cadence whether it be a young athlete or a household ambulator.  Proof their patient is able to show potential and exhibit activities of daily living in one transparent PDF report. In addition, video documentation for all tests are in each patient profile that can be used in 3-5+ years in the case of RAC audit. Note: Videos are permissible in the higher levels of the RAC audits.

Prosthetist: Will finally be able to have their practice become truly “evidence based” with the GaitKeeper® system. The GaitKeeper® is a full body motion analysis system recording 360-degrees of kinematic (8-video cameras) of patient movement and full kinetic monitoring (foot floor sensors – in-sole shoe sensing) to get a valid outcome measure from a third party technology. GaitKeeper® being a third party software/hardware solution is very important, with no vested interested in the DME reimbursement transaction. The GaitKeeper® records patients performance abilities through validated tests and results, automated reporting and videos cannot be altered.  This unique offering allows GaitKeeper® to supply irrefutable proof of patient outcome measures for every patient, practice and prosthetist. In addition, the prosthetist now has the ability to supply third party video for any potential future 3-5 year RAC Audits.

Payer: Has the ability to see the physician notes and additional GaitKeeper® supportive documentation. Insurance payers have outcome measure reports that are generated automatically by our advanced algorithms (and cannot be altered), video of the patient performance, and objective documentation proving level of ambulation, capacity of variable cadence and ability to complete activities of daily living.

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