Physical Therapy

Outcome Measures for PT 

It doesn’t matter if you’re in-patient or out-patient physical therapist these days. The need for qualitative outcome measures is being required.

Have you been looking for something to replace your stopwatch and clipboard, or to squeeze into a gaitlab that requires several PhD/Engineers to administer?

GaitKeeper® Rehab edition is what you’ve been looking for.  No lycra suits, marker balls or need for 20×40 facility space. Our system allows you to get your relevant data quickly before your patient appointment.

Just a few of the many spatio-temporal and angle parameters we can test:

  • speed
  • cadence
  • step and stride length
  • Stance/swing phase
  • lateral tilt
  • hip hiking / toe clearance
  • knee and stance flexion
  • postural sway
  • sagittal knee angle
  • centerline over mass

You can test any motion or perform any test you’d like as long as the subject is within the captured volume.

Ideal patient populations:

  1. Orthopedics- Evaluate pre and post treatment strategies
  2. Neurology – Define rehab strategies and milestones for activities of daily living
  3. Parkinson’s disease – Evaluate progression of disease and effectiveness of treatments
  4. Trip / Stumble / Falls prevention in elderly


Are you a wearable or accelerometer based system?

No, we wanted allow every practitioner the ability to have access to a gait lab that has controls, validity and ability to be more efficient.

Wearable sensor systems do not directly measure body position, but rather the sensors collect kinetic data (i.e. acceleration, angular velocity, magnetic fields).  Data is then transformed from kinetic to kinematic data following a sensor-to-body calibration procedure.  The outcome is “drift” of calculated values from true values.  Our camera-based systems collect kinematic data directly, eliminating “drift”. Thus, wearable sensor systems lack the accuracy of camera-based systems, but do offer portability and are available at a lower cost. Sensor systems are being used for laboratory and field-based research and occasionally to evaluate gait and/or physical function in clinical sites but for reimbursement and future needs of supplying objective data wearable technology not there yet.

Performance Tests:

  • Walking – Level Ground Walking
  • TUG – Timed Up and Go Test
  • L-Test – Activities of Daily Living (TUG meets Turn Test)
  • 4-Square Test
  • Figure-8 Test
  • Balance Test

Learn how your rehab clinic can benefit from a GaitKeeper® system here