GaitKeeper® Lite App FAQ’s:

Is the GaitKeeper® Lite app the same as the GaitKeeper® system?

No, the GaitKeeper® Lite app is powerful tool for Physical Therapists, Prosthetists, Physiatrists and Rehab professionals but does not offer full gait lab capabilities that the GaitKeeper® system provides. GaitKeeper® is a gait lab that gives you full testing and reporting possibilities towards reimbursement. We recommend using the app for internal patient baselines and cadence. If your practice needs outcome measures, gait analysis and generated reporting with our  “GaitKeeper® Score” for for reimbursement and or more quantitive analysis you will love our GaitKeeper® system.

Does the GaitKeeper® Lite app come on Android OS?

Not currently.

Do I need training to use the GaitKeeper® Lite app?

No, once you enter the patient profile and use the level ground walking feet icon for each various speed, you’ll get very comfortable using the app.



GaitKeeper® System FAQ’s:

Who is going to install my GaitKeeper® system?

We will. Anatomical Engineering, Inc. is a full-service biotech engineering firm who invented the GaitKeeper® system’s hardware and software.  We know the in and outs of the both the hardware and software. Your facility is unique, and each system is customized for each practice, school or rehab facility’s specific needs. AE will have a series of consultations before we install, insuring that we know exactly where your system will live and operate.

Does your system offer any technical support or warranties?

Yes, all hardware has a three year warranty and you’ll receive on screen support via our software’s interface. We stand by our product.

Will you train my facility to run the GaitKeeper® system?

Yes, upon the completion of our installation an AE system specialist will run your designated operator and staff through your system make sure it works and answer any questions you may have. We include a yearly service support package and can schedule additional facility and team training upon request (Initial installation training is included in system price, any additional training or CEU workshops will be charged at additional fee).

How long does installation typically take? 

Install takes one business day and we Anatomical Engineering takes a second business day to fully train your team on how to use the GaitKeeper® system.

Will my practice be affected… will I need to close for the day for install?

No, business can conduct as usual. Our team will prequalify your space and know where to place your GaitKeeper® system immediately. No messy construction sounds, mess or building crews.

What is your GaitKeeper® care package and when will I receive it?

To maintain quality assurance and make sure we providing you a superior product we make sure that your practice has everything you need. Every six months we will ship you a care package containing necessary tools for your gaitlab.  The most important of these items are our insole sensors. Please test these sensors before throwing away existing ones. You’ll receive new GK blue t-shirts for recording, and several tools for patient intakes. Every six months you’ll be billed $600 insuring you’ll have the most updated sensors and supplies.